IERS Rapid Service / Prediction Center

RS/PC Products

The Rapid Service / Prediction Center is responsible for producing the following products:

Daily Earth Orientation Parameter Solutions

Weekly Earth Orientation Parameter Solutions (Including the IERS Bulletin A)

Leap Second Announcement

Delta T

Terrestrial to Celestial Matrix Calculator

Many of our products can also be found at NASA's archive of space geodesy data, CDDIS, by 18:00 UTC for Daily products and 20:00 UTC Thursdays for Bulletin A products.

Hosted Products

The following products are hosted on this site and support the products produced by the Rapid Service / Prediction Center:

USNO GPS Analysis Center Data

USNO Precise Time Series 14 (Leap Second Announcement)

Related Products (Hosted Externally)

IERS Bulletins B, C, and D

IERS Conventions Centre