The Contributions of Women to the United States Naval Observatory: The Early Years.

Miss Etta Maine Eaton
Etta Maine Eaton was the first of six children born to Laura Jane (Littlefield) and Joseph Donnell Eaton. Etta Eaton received her BA from Mt. Holyoke in 1889. She began work as a teacher from 1889-1890 then again from 1893-1895. Miss Eaton became the postmaster in Lancaster New York from 1897-1899. In 1900 she became one of the first female computers for the Naval Observatory.

Miss Eaton devoted most of her talent to preparing printer's copy and examining catalogues for discordant observations. She re-reduced observations searching for errors in the original reduction or recording. Miss Eaton also worked on the elements and ephemeris for comets and published those results in the Astronomical Journal. Miss Eaton was born on February 8th 1869, she died at the early age of 46 on October 26, 1915 in Winthrop Massachusetts. She is buried in Ocean View Cemetery in Wells, Maine.

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