The Contributions of Women to the United States Naval Observatory: The Early Years.

Mrs. Lelia Jefferson Harvie Barnett
Lelia Jefferson Harvie was born in Chula, Virginia on January 4th, 1873. She was the daughter of Major William O. and Ann Maria (Jefferson) Harvie. She attended State Normal School of Virginia, and completed an A.B. from Cornell University in 1901 where she was an Associate Alumnae Scholar in Arts and Sigma Xi. She also took courses at Chicago University (3 classes in graduate mathematics and one in English), and Stanford University (2 classes in physics).
From 1893-1900 she taught school at the Virgina Normal School, she worked as a computer for the Naval Observatory from 1901-1902, and for the Cost Survey from 1903-1904.
She married Samuel Jackson Barnett at Mattoax Church, VA, on July 30th, 1904, and began assisting him in his Physics research. Samuel had earned a PhD in physics from Cornell in 1898. Her main subjects of study were geodesy, experimental electricity and magnetism. Lelia is listed as a co-author on several papers with her husband. Those papers also list Albert Einstein as a co-author!
Mrs. Barnett was interested in the Anti-Saloon League, she was a member of the Colonial Dames of America (Elected December, 1904), and the Women's Faculty Club of Ohio State University. She favored womans suffrage, and enjoyed books, dancing, cards, and gardening. She was a Presbyterian and a Democrat.
Lelia Barnett died on 14 April 1956, and her husband died about one month later on 22 May 1956.

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