Current version: m2a_1.0

Note: m2a refers to the Method 2A implementation (Equinox-based) discussed in Reference 1. (See References link on main calculator page)

Change log for m2a_1.0:

Bug list:

Major bugs:
1. Stop time could be a date and time before start time.
Bug fixed 5/8/2010

2. If start and stop time traverse a year, reported times could be incorrect.
E.g., Start time = 2008,12,31,23,59,59.0
Stop time = 2009,1,1,0,0,59.0
Bug fixed 5/12/2010

Minor bug and other issues:

1. Some wording problems for finals2000Ainfo.html.
Wording fixed 5/10/2010

2. If start and stop time traverse a leap, add the leap second to the requested output
  E.g., Start time = 2008,12,31,23,59,59.0
    Stop time = 2009,1,1,0,0,1.0
    Nintervals = 2
    Then, I should add an extra interval to account for the leap second,
    (and notify the user).
    I.e., the output should be:
      Interval 1
    2008,12,31,23,59,60.0 (Leap second)
      Interval 2
      Interval 3
  Note: results for 59.0 and 0.0 seconds are NOT incorrect.
  There is just a missing result at 60.0 for this special case.

3. Several users requested separate text boxes for entering in start / stop date and time.
  The commas in the old method were annoying to add and hard to see.
    Implemented on 5/16/2010

4. Users of the special output (Note: when this check box...) wanted the Start and Stop time
  to reflect the start and stop time entered, not the mid-point of the interval where
  actual reported quaternion is computed. So, change was made.
    Implemented on 7/5/2010

5. Occasionally, due to round-off, times were reported as X minutes and 60.000000000 seconds for the outputs.
When this occurs, I have the code round up to X+1 minutes and 0 seconds. And of course,
if the number of minutes becomes 60, due to the above calculation, then I increase the
number of hours by one and made the minutes and seconds, 0 each.
    Implemented on 7/5/2010

6. When the bprnu (Bias-Precession-Nutation) quaternion output was selected, that output result would not appear on the screen.
This problem did not exist with the DCM output.
    Fixed on 7/16/2010

7. The intermediate quantity called Precession matrix is really the Bias-Precession matrix. The input check box
  has been fixed to reflect this change. However, the output labeling needs to be fixed.