Working Groups 2010-2012

Working Group: Numerical Standards in Fundamental Astronomy

The Working Group on Numerical Standards for Fundmental Astronomy is tasked with updating the IAU Current Best Estimates and conforming with IAU Resolutions/IERS Conventions/SI.

Working Group: Astrometry by Small Ground-Based Telescopes

The purpose of the Working Group on Astrometry by Small Ground-Based Telescopes is ''to update and maintain information on astrometric programmes and activities carried out by small telescopes, to diffuse news through these pages and e-mails, to facilitate the collaborations and to help for the coordination of the activities, when possible, in astrometry from ground-based telescopes.''

Working Group (Div I-III): Cartographic Coordinates and Rotational Elements

The Working Group on Cartographical Coordinates and Rotational Elements is tasked with defining the rotational elements of the planets, satellites, asteroids, and comets of the solar system on a systematic basis and to relate their cartographica coordinates rigorously to the rotational elements.

Working Group (Div I-III): Natural Planetary Satellites

The purpose of the Working Group on Natural Planetary Satellites is to ''overhaul the theories of the motions of the satellites.'' The Working Group encourages theoretical studies, coordinates observations, and makes all data available to the user.

Working Group: Standards of Fundamental Astronomy (SOFA)

SOFA is tasked with establishing and maintaining an accessible and authoratative set of algorithms and procedures that implement standard models used in fundamental astronomy. SOFA works closely with the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS). Its reporting commission is Commission 19.