IAU Division I is responsible for monitoring the scientific and international development of fundamental astronomy and for ensuring that the IAU will address the most significant issues in the field with foresight, enterprising spirit, and scientific judgment. It fosters new initiatives and international cooperation in fundamental astronomy, standardization of scientific results, and encourages investigations and discussions relating to the relevant topics and projects. IAU Division I reports to General Assembly on the work accomplished in the area of fundamental astronomy.

IAU Division I will continue to organize its structure to realize these objectives through member Commissions. These currently include:
Commission 4: Ephemerides
Commission 7: Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy
Commission 8: Astrometry
Commission 19: Rotation of the Earth
Commission 31: Time
Commission 52: Relativity in Fundamental Astronomy

In addition, IAU Division I will appoint working groups to study specific scientific issues. These currently include

IAU Division I will actively re-evaluate its structure as required to meet its responsibilities to meet the needs of the international community of fundamental astronomy.

President: Dennis D. McCarthy
US Naval Observatory
3450 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20392 USA
Email: dennis.mccarthyusno.navy.mil
Vice-President: Sergei A. Klioner
Technical University Dresden
Lohrmann Observatory
Mommsenstr 13
DE 01062 Dresden
Email: Sergei.Klionertu-dresden.de

Please send any references to recent articles (within the last five years) relevant to fundamental astronomy for possible inclusion in the list of references. Use the contact form to submit references.