IERS Conventions 2010: Chapter 10 - General relativistic models for space-time coordinates and equations of motion

Text of Chapter 10: PDF file
Chapter 10 Figures (eps format)
See the software page for subroutines pertaining to Chapter 10.  Below are supplemental files for some of the subroutines.

  • README file for fb2001.f. Written by A.W. Irwin.
  • Input file for fb2001.f: Range of Julian dates, step of computation, flag to be set to T if dates are in TCB, F if dates are in TT.
  • Output sample file from fb2001.f.
  • Data file for fb2001.f. Provided by P. Bretagnon.
  • Output sample file from xhf2002.f.
  • Data file for xhf2002.f.